Travel Risk Management

Travel Risk Management

As a nation, we are doing business overseas increasingly more and as the need to innovate and move into these overseas markets increases, we must understand how we can exploit opportunities without exposure to business security risk and failure. It is therefore critical to manage business travel so that company objectives are supported and critical business personnel, assets and trade sensitive information is appropriately protected whilst conducting business travel.

At Athena Risk we work with you to understand what is important to you and identify what is critical to your business success when deploying resources overseas. This involves developing a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the stakeholders and countries you intend to operate with and identify direct and indirect threats that could impact business success. We take your principle objectives and look for existing and emerging threats from political, security, terrorist, environmental, regulatory, competition, social and economic areas and how these could effect a successful business trip outcome.

Once we have established this critical information we work closely with you and your business to determine the risk tolerance and appetite of the company. This will assist in developing strategies and plans that enable the business in reaching its objective through careful end to end management.

Smartphone Risk Management

Our smartphone risk management application provides clients with a global warning and crisis management service.

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