Travel Risk Awareness

Travel Risk Awareness

The global reach of modern business requires company directors and executives to increasingly present themselves overseas in order to develop new business and maintain existing operations.  As seasoned travellers we appreciate the political landscape overseas is continually evolving and with this we are presented with new threats in what may have been familiar environments.  It is therefore critical the business traveller understands where these potential risks come from but more importantly how to identify and initiate risk mitigation protocols.

Our workshop aims to provide an insight into how we are vulnerable to unknown risks when we travel and how they are perpetrated.  We will look at how we can employ simple practices to ensure that we are not exposing both ourselves or critical business information to current environmental risks.  The workshop will focus on how we can prepare ourselves prior to travelling, enabling established practices whilst conducting travel and upon return what actions should be taken to ensure we are continually maintaining our security bubble.  Some of the workshop topics include:

  • Personal Security
  • Communications
  • Information Security
  • Commercial, Industrial and State Sponsored Espionage
  • Social Engineering

Smartphone Risk Management

Our smartphone risk management application provides clients with a global warning and crisis management service.

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