Political Risk Management

Political Risk Management

Developing business in overseas markets can be an extremely profitable strategy, particularly in an emerging or recovering country. Regardless of the sector or industry, we need to understand the political landscape if we are to protect business investments within that country. This means we need to have a detailed understanding of the political horizon too.

At Athena Risk we assist organisations in understanding the potential and real political risks when doing business or looking to do business in countries where uncertainty is present. Analysing the political trend of a country, its structure, political parties and ideological outlook is the foundation of how we unpack its position. This allows us to map your business objectives against the current position of a country but more importantly, understand what the political future looks like against your overall long term goals.

It’s also critical to not only understand the political actions of governments but also those legal and illegal organisations that apply direct and indirect pressure. Political pressure groups play a huge part in any political system and it’s imperative that we appreciate their impact on your future business goals.

Smartphone Risk Management

Our smartphone risk management application provides clients with a global warning and crisis management service.

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