Due-Diligence Solutions

Due-Diligence Solutions

Organisations are now more than ever before, interconnected commercially with other business and individuals worldwide. Whether this is through partnering, joint venture, service level agreements or investments can we afford to get it wrong? It can be a costly and legal affair when we do.  To minimise the impact to our business and reputation we need to understand the companies we are connected to, the individuals involved and their credibility.

At Athena Risk we can provide critical commercial due diligence that builds a detailed picture of companies you wish to do business with and the key executive personalities associated with it. We pay attention to their business position against your current proposals and instruct our researchers to unpack the companies’ history including its key personalities, criminal/fraudulent history and information accuracy, to help assess the credibility of the proposal.  The investigative process we use is ethical and the information is gathered through the use of open source, interview and public records among other areas to establish this information.

They are confidential in all aspects of this role and understand the importance of collating this information without compromising the operation to 3rd parties. It is this detailed approach toward information gathering that ensures you are well informed before making any critical business decision.

Smartphone Risk Management

Our smartphone risk management application provides clients with a global warning and crisis management service.

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