Specialist Risk Training

Specialist Risk Training

No matter what the organisation facilitates or produces on a daily basis they all have a duty of care to their employees. At Athena Risk we can assist in fulfilling mitigation protocols and enhancing your organisational duty of care with a unique and diverse range of training solutions.

Utilising extensive knowledge and expertise established over many years, our programs can be delivered anywhere in the world.  Our trainers will design and deliver specific and realistic programs with your unique company needs in mind.

An overview of products can include:

  • Personal security awareness
  • Crisis management preparedness
  • Security management and consultancy
  • Counter-terrorism awareness
  • CONDO – fully complies with DEFSTAN 05-129 (Defence Standards (Procedures & Requirements)) & DEFCON 697 (Contractors on Deployed Operations)

Smartphone Risk Management

Our smartphone risk management application provides clients with a global warning and crisis management service.

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