Financial Risk Management

Athena Risk offers a broad ranging financial risk management services. We help national and international enterprises of all sizes, corporate and public clients identify, assess, manage, report and limit the risks they face.

Financial Risk Management

Global concerns about financial risk have been increasing the past years. In this environment, organisations of all kinds and sizes want powerful financial risk management foundations that satisfy compliance demands, provide better decision making and increase performance.

Athena Risk’s Financial Risk Management team work with financial institutions and other corporate clients to attain these objectives, help improve operations and strategy across a range of matters, including:

  • credit risk measurement and management
  • operational risk measurement and management
  • market and liquidity risks
  • economic capital management
  • capital adequacy & regulatory services
  • actuarial services & financial statement support
  • commodity & energy risk management
  • quantitative evaluation and management of portfolio risks
  • financial engineering
  • Investment preparation
  • risk management in transactions
  • asset management advisory

Athena Risk’s size is a great asset for agile environments as it repels bureaucratic infrastructures and it allows us to move fast and more effective. We have trusted risk management advisers to the boards and executive teams of some of the region’s leading enterprises. In addition to Athena Risk’s wealth of operations, we have a dynamic presence in the emerging economies.


Smartphone Risk Management

Our smartphone risk management application provides clients with a global warning and crisis management service.

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